25 Nov 2018
Jerez Test FIM Enel MotoE™ - Day 3

#JerezTest D3. After three days of testing, the #MotoE will be back in March. Positive feelings for Josh and Alex.

2018-11-25T17:56:06+00:00 25 November 2018|News|

The first testing days in the history of #MotoE ended today at Jerez. On the third day of activity, Josh Hook and Alex De Angelis have been lapping in wet conditions with the other 16 riders who will be participating in the 2019 #MotoE season. It was a useful test to begin to

24 Nov 2018
Jerez Test FIM Enel MotoE™ - Day 2

#Jerez Test D2. The MotoE improves lap by lap. Second day on track for Josh Hook and Alex De Angelis

2018-11-24T18:40:41+00:00 24 November 2018|News|

Despite the sudden rain that forced most of the riders to miss the mid-day session - also limiting their performance in the afternoon - the second day of #MotoE testing at Jerez de la Frontera gave other indications to Alma Pramac Racing riders, especially to Josh Hook who had the opportunity to lap

23 Nov 2018
Jerez Test FIM Enel MotoE™ - Day 1

#Jerez test D1. Alex De Angelis and Josh Hook for the first time on Alma Pramac Racing’s MotoE.

2018-11-23T18:02:48+00:00 23 November 2018|News|

The 2019 #MotoE season started at Jerez today. For the first time in history, electric machines have lapped together on a MotoGP circuit giving rise to a futuristic show. Alex De Angelis and Josh Hook alternated during the first day of activity on the Energica Eco Corsa of Alma Pramac Racing - which

13 Nov 2018
De Angelis: "It's going to be “electrifying”". Hook: "I can't wait to work on the development of the bike"

Alma Pramac Racing with Alex De Angelis and Josh Hook in the 2019 MotoE™ season

2018-11-13T11:46:47+00:00 13 November 2018|News|

The Grand Prix de la Comunitat Valenciana will be the last chapter of the 2018 MotoGP™ season and Alma Pramac Racing is already looking forward to 2019. After MotoGP™ official test in Valencia, in fact, the team will fly to Jerez de la Frontera where the MotoE™ test will take place on the

15 May 2018
Paolo Campinoti: "We are proud to link once again the name of Pramac to MotoGP™"

Pramac will be title sponsor of GermanGP MotoGP™ and celebrates its German branch’s 25th anniversary

2018-05-15T12:27:46+00:00 15 May 2018|News|

The Pramac Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland will be staged on the Sachsenring circuit from 13 to 15 July and will be the occasion to celebrate the 25th year of activities in Germany. Once again Pramac links its name to MotoGP™ and becomes title sponsor of one of the most fascinating rounds of the

16 Apr 2018
Mick Doohan: "I feel extremely privileged to be part of the Pramac family"

Pramac announces agreement with Mick and Jack Doohan for the 2018 season

2018-04-16T12:35:32+00:00 16 April 2018|News|

Pramac announces that it has reached an agreement with Mick and Jack Doohan for the 2018 season. Pramac logo will be positioned on Jack Doohan’s suit and car during the British F4 Championship for 2018 and selected German and Italian F4 races. The F4 British Championship certified by FIA is the UK’s premier