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Alma Pramac Racing team is ready for the last official winter test

Ready for #QatarTest. Francesco Guidotti’s reports following Sepang and Buriram testing

The countdown is running out. Alma Pramac Racing team is ready to move to Qatar where the last winter tests of the 2018 MotoGP season will be staged next weekend. The Sepang and Buriram testing offered extremely positive indications with Danilo Petrucci and Jack Miller who proved to be very fast and managed to stay in the Top 10 easily.

After the reports by Crew Chief Daniele Romagnoli and Cristhian Pupulin (read more) it’s time for Alma Pramac Racing Team Manager Francesco Guidotti to review #ThaiTest and take stock of winter activities on the eve of #QatarTest.

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Danilo Petrucci – 7+


A very good test. Danilo quickly adapted to the new track and his Ducati Desmosedici GP 2018 didn’t need an intense set up compared to Sepang. We started very fast right away, keeping a good pace and improving lap-times and feeling over three days. The tyres we have tried will not be the ones we will use for the GP in October but I must point out that Petrux found himself well with both types of tyres that were available.

Pre Season…. so far

We didn’t shine in Valencia and after improving in private tests in Jerez, in Malaysia and Thailand we were able to make a big step forward. This gives us hope for the season. Both Danilo’s physical preparation and the bike’s behaviour gave positive indications on a demanding track like Sepang and on the new Buriram circuit.


I found a much more concrete rider. This is the most important aspect: an important step forward that Danilo has shown he can make.


Danilo made great sacrifices to lose weight and this probably took away some energy from him. He must now work in this direction.

Jack Miller – 7


Jack started off on the right foot and immediately felt at ease with the track. Even in his case, no major modifications to the Ducati Desmosedici GP 2017 were necessary. Jack and his team were able to concentrate on riding improving day by day and continuing to increase their feeling with a bike he liked from day-1 of Valencia testing. There were no major problems except for the crash of the third day. But that is something that can happen.

Pre Season… so far

Jack is a rider still to be discovered. Things are going very well but we have to see how he will react when the first difficulties arise. So far the enthusiasm for the new bike and the desire to do well have given him a great boost, but even more difficult moments will come. And it will be at that juncture that he must emerge.


A riding style that suits this bike very well and an exciting enthusiasm also in his relationship with the team.


A couple of crashes due to too much desire that he is not yet able to limit. He must have more patience in order to improve step by step.

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