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15 Oct 2017
Grand Prix of Japan - The Race

Triumph in Japan. Dovi plays the Italian Anthem. Petrux sings it on the podium after a fantastic race.

2017-10-15T12:09:08+02:0015 October 2017|News|

Once again on podium, another success for Octo Pramac Racing - that thanks to Danilo Petrucci - joins the Ducati party for the awesome victory of Andrea Dovizioso. Petrux is the protagonist of a fantastic race, dominated for 12 laps and then ended up with the joy of the 4th podium in this

14 Oct 2017
Grand Prix of Japan - Qualifying

Stunning Petrux who fought for the pole until last corner and got his 4th front row start. Bad Saturday for Scott.

2017-10-14T10:56:51+02:0014 October 2017|News|

An extraordinary qualifying for Danilo Petrucci, who won second place on the #JapaneseGp starting grid, giving Octo Pramac Racing the fourth front row start after Barcelona, Assen and Germany. For Scott Redding a negative Saturday as he was unable to solve the grip problems already experienced in free practices. Rain gives a respite

13 Oct 2017
Grand Prix of Japan - Free Practices

Solid start for Petrux in Japan: 6th place and top speed. Scott 14th after a positive FP1

2017-10-13T10:29:59+02:0013 October 2017|News|

The Octo Pramac Racing’s weekend at the Motegi Twin Ring circuit starts well. Danilo Petrucci overcomes the physical problems that debilitated him before his departure for Japan and finds a convincing feeling in wet Friday's free practices. The rider Terni ends up FP2 in 6th position setting the highest speed (299.0 km/h) recorded

13 Oct 2017
Articolo 1 è una società italiana di servizi dedicati alle Risorse Umane presente su tutto il territorio nazionale

Octo Pramac Racing annuncia la partnership con Articolo 1

2017-10-13T06:30:55+02:0013 October 2017|News|

Una nuova partnership per Octo Pramac Racing che dal Gran Premio del Giappone scenderà in pista con il logo di Articolo 1 sulle Ducati Desmosedici GP di Danilo Petrucci e Scott Redding. Articolo1, Soluzioni HR, opera da oltre 15 anni nel settore delle risorse umane a livello nazionale, ed è in grado di

24 Sep 2017
Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón - The Race

Good race for Scott who recovers 8 positions. Petrux doesn’t manage to be competitive

2017-09-24T18:06:17+02:0024 September 2017|News|

The weekend of #AragonGP doesn't give any particular satisfaction to the Octo Pramac Racing team. Following the difficult Saturday’s qualifying, Scott Redding and Danilo Petrucci were forced to start from behind and they couldn't find the conditions to finish in the Top 10. Scott's race is positive. The English rider started from P22.

23 Sep 2017
Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón - Qualifying

Petrux and Scott to start #AragonGP from sixth and eight row after difficult qualifying

2017-09-23T17:58:12+02:0023 September 2017|News|

It was a difficult Saturday for Octo Pramac Racing at Motorland of Aragon. Danilo Petrucci and Scott Redding couldn’t be competitive in Q1 and will start tomorrow in P16 and P22 respectively. Petrux had grip problems at the rear already from FP3, and for this reason he was not able to find confidence

22 Sep 2017
E-Care è tra i primi operatori nazionali nel settore del Business Process Outsourcing

Octo Pramac Racing annuncia la partnership con E-Care, provider di soluzioni per il business

2017-09-22T11:35:47+02:0022 September 2017|News|

Un nuovo partner tecnologico per Octo Pramac Racing che dalle prove libere del Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón è sceso in pista con il logo di E-Care sulle Ducati Desmosedici Gp di Danilo Petrucci e Scott Redding. Con oltre 15 anni di esperienza al fianco dei più grandi leader di mercato, E-Care è

20 Sep 2017
Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón - Free Practices

Bad weather affected the first day of free practice for the Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón

2017-09-22T17:15:19+02:0020 September 2017|News|

The free practice of Friday of the Movistar de Aragón has not brought particular indication in view of tomorrow's qualifying. Both FP1 and FP2 have been affected from a light rain that did not allow riders to express themselves at the maximum in wet conditions. Scott Redding and Danilo Petrucci ended in 16° and 19°

10 Sep 2017
GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini - The RACE

Stunning Petrux leading until last lap and on podium again. Super Scott from 19th to 7th

2017-09-10T20:59:16+02:0010 September 2017|News|

Once again on the podium, for the third time this season, the second in Italy after Mugello. Petrux was fantastic and has brought to Octo Pramac Racing an extraordinary Sunday. Scott gave extra enthusiasm at the team party with a good seventh place. Over Misano the rain was constant through all morning, and

9 Sep 2017
GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini - Qualifying

Petrux fights in Q2 and conquers a precious P8 at #SanMarinoGP. Seventh row start for Scott.

2017-09-09T17:36:33+02:009 September 2017|News|

A good Saturday for Danilo Petrucci, who gives Octo Pramac Racing the third row in the “Gran Premio of San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini”. Scott can't find the right feeling in Q1 and ends in 19th position. After dominating Friday's free practice, Petrux shows that he is also in confidence on

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